Saturday, May 06, 2006

doctor appointments FMLA Leave

Set up with work to get what is called intermitent FMLA leave. Talked with my supervisor last week about the possible need to be gone off and on for infertility treatments. She suggested the best thing to do to protect my job would be to go on FMLA leave. My doctor fills out paperwork, and then I just let my job know when I'm gone for the leave.

My first appointment is on May 30th with an endocrinologist and I have missplaced all the paperwork I need to fill out! I am usually more organized, but lately my brain has been scattered. I have not been as upset about needing to deal with infertility: I have been more upset about my weight and what I need to do to change my lifestyle and habits. I haven't been losing more weight, holding steady at 9 pounds.

A good friend of mine from church (my husband and I babysat their kids quite a bit) has a reoccurance of cancer that is in her bones and liver. I pray that God would strengthen E. and give her hope to get through this. I imagine that having cancer in the bones would be very difficult to treat.

Very excited! Found out for sure that our friends from Illinois can come visit us with their family in the beginning of June. That will be an awesome time. Will be great to have kids in the house (oh, and to see the parents too, of course!)


At 3:56 PM, Blogger JamieS said...

LOL thanks Jessie - you sound just like the grandparents - always excited to see the kids and not us. ;) We're excited to see you too - though it will be a whirlwind visit.

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Dones said...

What better place than Kansas to make a whirlwind visit? :)


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