Thursday, February 16, 2006

oo! oo! another one on fertility!

Okay, here is another site on feritility. With all due respect to the website's authors, it's a little confusing the way it's written. I have been trying to find some type of support group deal, but I guess I'll just keep plugging on my own.

It's this nutty cycle! I am depressed about what we're going through, I eat, I gain weight, get more depressed because I've gained weight...

God is in control of all these things, and like all things, I must confess my sins and acknowledge that I am NOT in control. We all like to think if we do (A.) we're going to get (B.) Life doesn't always work that way. Joseph was sent as a slave, was jailed, and at the end of it his experience was used by God to save his family.

God is in charge. He's backed me into a corner, in a good way, where I see the only way through this is to turn to Him and Him alone.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger Tamara said...

Hi DQ! Just saw your blog and wanted to say hi. My husband and I are fostering-to-adopt - we got certified in August and we currently have a 2 month-old foster daughter we hope will one day become permanently "ours". It has been well worth it - I didn't know why I couldn't get pregnant until I was diagnosed 1 yr. ago with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - so sad. This has definately been God's answer to our prayers.

At 3:02 PM, Blogger Tamara said...

Another comment - sorry - I read more of your blog and wanted to ask if you've ever been tested for PCOS - symptoms are acne, steady weight gain and difficulty loosing weight, depression, excess hair growth, elevated testosterone (presents often in moodiness/anger, irregular or heavy cycles, infertility (of course)...anyway - i did not even know what it was until a year ago. I had an ovarian ultra sound and blood work - all I had to do was find the right doctor who wouldn't think I was crazy. I apologize if I overstepped my bounds commenting here - just hated to see a sister in Christ feel what I had felt for so, so, so long.

At 11:47 AM, Blogger DramaQueen said...

I SO appreciate your comments and your honesty! That's why I started this blog, to hopefully hear from other Christian parents who are going through these struggles.

To be honest, I've only had my priliminary blood work done. That told me that my iron is low and I must take supplements, so I eat a lot of spinach now and take a multivitamin. That's really been the only thing I've changed.
I have not had an ultra sound or any biopsies-- that is a good idea though, because I do experience some of those symptoms.

Thank you for your comment!


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