Thursday, February 09, 2006

order of events

I have been posting a lot about adoption lately just as I'm beginning to do research. I'm trying to glean whatever I can for the future if it turns out we cannot have children. I'm just the type of person that is against most of the very invasive fertility treatments. I understand some people go that route, but I just don't see the need of spending that much money when there are kids out there without a family. Especially older kids, I have to remind myself: I have to get used to the idea that we most likely will not be able to adopt a baby because of the cost involved. Babies are easily and quickly adopted. What about the older kids? Shouldn't we focus our attention on them since they're more "difficult" to adopt? Especially the kids that aren't Caucasian?

First order of business: Crown Financial Ministries Bible Study. We are starting this Sunday at 7:00pm. This has been a rough few months with Donald being off work: we weren't prepared at all. I thank God that He's very gracious to us even though we mess up all the time. I pray He would be with us in this study. As He guides us in our finances and how to manage them with God's priorities, I pray He would guide us also in the adoption arena. And the moving into a bigger house arena. And the moving to a different town arena.

Second order of business: keeping with the setting captives free study on eating. I pray that I wouldn't use food to deal with my problems and I would turn to God and His word instead of binging on food. I pray that I would 'hunker down' and pray more! There is a lot going on in our lives that needs prayer. Maybe I should reorganize the list?


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