Monday, February 06, 2006

Have been out of it...

I haven't done as much research into adoption this week. Have been focused on a Bible study that deals with weight loss...lost 5 pounds last week so that was an added bonus.

I was thinking today how I always "do better" when there is some type of Bible Study involved in weight loss. It seems to me that proves that my weight problem is turning to food for emotional comfort. When I turn my attention away from food and onto God, I see results. When I try to use a "normal" weight loss program that just teaches me about eating better, I don't do as well.

I know what I am supposed to eat to eat healthily, but then I tend to crash and binge if I don't focus on something else.

God is sovereign over all these problems, whether it's money, or adoption, or infertility, or whatever. With talking from other women in Church or in Bible study, we need to realize it's always something. Someone may be praying fervently for a husband she may not get. Someone may lose a child or a grandchild in a horrible accident. Someone else may get pregnant when they're not expecting it, which causes stress. Someone else may be dealing with hurts from a spouse that's having an affair. Someone may have to care for their spouse as they are dying of cancer.

My troubles and trials are small drops in the bucket compared to what everyone else in the world deals with. (Or even just the little world of our church). Christ died for all of them, all the sins I've committed, all the sins that have been committed against me, all the sins that have been done against my brothers and sisters in Christ and all the sins we have committed against each other.

I get mopey and upset about things but in the scheme of it, God is sovereign and He won't give me more to handle than I am able to get through. Christ is on God's right hand interceding for me.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Pitypat said...

You are so right. Sometimes we get caught up in all our "stuff" and then i see the kids in mexico living on the dumped garbage so they can find food and things to sell. I read about the people in Somalia getting tortured for being Christians. I hear there are children that are dipped in boiling water for crying---that's here in the US. It makes our "stuff" so trivial. The most amazing thing is Jesus has been there in it all. And cares just as much about the people that are going through it as the people who are causing it.

Just remember that we do tend to eat too much here in the US and for the wrong reasons but you are also beautiful just the way you are - even though society has different ideas about it. As long as you arfe healthy you don't need to be stick thin.
I do agree with alot of the program, a few of my friends really were successful with it and the really started reading their bible more instead of snacking. I hope it works the way you wanrt it to!

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