Friday, January 06, 2006

Nightmare #2

Somehow, I have been kidnapped with a group of children. These children are not my own. They are my friend's children, or children of acquaintances. Someone has kidnapped us. A man in his mid-sixties. I don't see his face throughout most of it. The children and I plot our survival. What food & water we must ration. How we must behave to keep from being killed. The final scene, The Kidnapper drags us all to this balcony. The balcony is always cement. The weather can vary. Most times, it is sunny. He is wearing some kind of sport jacket, a beard. He is holding a rifle, threatening to kill us. Most times, I imagine that I have worked out a plan with some of the older kids to help rescue them. I cut the kids shirts so that they can rip out of them easier. When The Kidnapper makes his move to grab a child to hold him up to the crowd on display, I command the kid to pull out of the Kidnapper's grib. The child wriggles free. I run, tackle the Kidnapper, pushing him over the edge of the balcony. Sometimes, I live. Sometimes I die. The Kidnapper always dies. It feels so real to wrap my forearm around and choke him. I always kill him on the way falling down to the ground. This dream is especially upsetting to me because The Kidnapper looks like my father. I think I should search and see if anyone has an opinion on what these reoccurring dreams might mean.


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