Saturday, December 17, 2005

bills make my brain hurt....

One of my girlfriends from church, Shawn B., has adopted 2 girls from China. I talked to her last summer about adoption and the infertility struggle. She suggested a website from Campus Crusade for Christ, called FamilyLife. I decided to take my friend Jamie's suggestion (she's so wise, even if she is a year younger than me :-D ) and seek people IN the church to help me with this struggle. I am going to ask Donald if we can pray with some elders after Church tomorrow.

The Weber family, who minister with FamilyLife, list 4 reasons misperceptions Christians have that keep them from adopting. [from their August 2005 newsletter]:
1. Adoption is a complicated process with confusing laws
2. I will not be able to love an adopted child like a biological child
3. I am afraid of problems adopted children may have down the road
4. Only people with about $20,000 in extra cash sitting around can actually adopt.

I must admit I have struggled with these same concerns. I am ready to look into adoption, and I am trying to gather all the resources and support I can. Unfortunately, an adopted baby isn't going to just "show up" on my doorstep: this will take deliberate planning and follow through.

Not having much money is an intimidating thought. As I'm going through our debts and our bills, it scares me to no end to think if we don't have enough money to support ourselves, how are we going to support a child??


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