Thursday, November 10, 2005

Piano and the Artist in me

I find myself happiest when I am being an artist. my job is a Spanish Translator for Farmers Insurance. However, I have been so tickled this week by painting my kitchen and painting a mural in the bathroom of ivy. I miss working in theatre....I miss being a stage manager and staying up all night building imaginary houses.

We are going to visit my good friend Jamie and her family for Thanksgiving. They have four kids, all young, so that should be a lot of fun! Other friends of ours just had a baby girl on Saturday, so even though we haven't been able to have kids yet, there are lots of kids around us we can 'share.' Sometimes I really want to move back to Illinois to be closer to my college friends. Sometimes I can't bear the thought of leaving my church and my friends here. We will have to see....I know there is a Farmer's office in Aurora, illinois, and so I'm partially hoping that my job makes the decision for me.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Perdita said...

You have my cell phone number. & I did call you, and you said that you would call back that night and you didn't.


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