Wednesday, January 25, 2006

God is Enough

My husband showed me this free site that is affiliated with John Piper. I think I remember Jamie talking about this program in November.

I have started day one of the Lord's Table study, which deals with eating and gluttony issues. I have been struggling because Thin Within and Weight Watchers, two programs that I think are good, cost money. With the settingcaptivesfree, it is a free site and program run by volunteers. I can go through the program on the web at work if need be.

I didn't used to consider myself a computer person, but it seems lately I am most productive when I can do work on a computer. I am still very upset and low about the way we haven't been very wise with our money this year, but this has been an encouragement to find a free Bible study relating to food issues.

I had tea with S. yesterday, a woman who was unable to have kids. She is now in her early fifties. She and her husband decided to not adopt, either. She tried to explain why: As you look in the Bible about Priscilla and Aquila, the husband and wife who accompanied Paul in the book of Acts, someone at a seminar suggested that maybe Priscilla and Aquila were unable to have children. It appears (if you believe that they never had children) that they poured their lives into the Church instead. She made it clear that she didn't want to sway me one way or the other, she was just talking to me about her experience and her decision. She said that whatever we decide to do if we are unable to give birth to our own children, we have to be at complete peace with each other and with God with what we decide. She also relayed that she had lots of friends that adopted in order to fill a hole left by being infertile. Adopting will not fill that hole. She said "Nothing replaces having your own kids."

She also said she felt so happy when people told her "You would make a great parent." She also said "If you don't have your own kids, you can still invest your life into very special kids around you. Don't isolate yourself from children just because you may not be able to have your own." She told stories of she and her husband being able to watch other people's children, even staying overnight at their homes if need be. She also described how she and her husband are legal guardians to about 10 children in case anything happens to their parents. S. also talked about how she was able to take care of an older woman with cancer, and rather than being a "stay at home mother" she's been using her time to care for and encourage people in the church.

She made it very clear that whenever someone is able to have a child, they need to rejoice, because that child is a great gift. She said that she is content, and she truly knows that God is enough for her. She made it clear that she still gets upset and still cries (even now as women her age are becoming grandparents) but God has shown Himself that He is Enough.


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