Saturday, May 20, 2006

another cycle

I am anxious for May 30th to get here, to at least get the process started, and to see what the next step is. I want a to-do list, and I know it's not that simple!

We are trying to clean and reorganize our house. We've done chunks of it over time, but we have a lot of old papers and old keepsakes that we just need to get rid of. I'm looking for websites and books that teach about housecleaning and house organization. I think that's a goal of mine for the year 2006!

Times in my married life I've prayed through Psalm 31...that I would be more disciplined, more hard working, more organized in my home life. I know that's hard to do when one works full time, but I know it's possible. I see a lot of women who make their homes pretty, simple, and inviting...and I'm praying that for myself and our house. I LIKE cleaning and I LIKE organizing, but I still feel overwhelmed and frustrated very easily. It seems as if I miss a day I get behind, and so I ignore house cleaning for a week or two, and then it really adds does one keep up?


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