Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sharing and all my free time

Made an appointment today for July 24th to see a fertility specialist in Olathe, Kansas. My next visit with the naturopathic doctor is Tuesday, July 11th.

As I've been sharing with people, other women have shared their fertility struggles and it seems to be a lot more common than I once thought. I've had nothing but supportive comments and kind words from people when I share, though when people ask "Do you have kids?" or "When are you planning on having kids?" I really have to weigh what I'm going to say. Most times, if I don't know the person very well, I just say "not yet." If it's someone from church that may know what is going on I share a little bit.

I keep plugging away at information regarding adoption but I feel there are a few more "hurdles" we have to jump through before we begin the adoption process. I have talked to folks about adoption, but we really haven't begun the process or gotten any further in it. At our church there is the very beginning of an adoption support group, so I just feel very lucky that our church has a lot of members that have adopted, so we wouldn't be going through that alone.
My husband did share that he would prefer to adopt a baby (as opposed to an older child), which is something we've never talked about before.

I am reading a book called "Overcoming Infertility". I have been looking for a book like this that just educates on the different causes of infertility, the treatments, and I think I just want to feel more educated in talking with doctors.

I am doing okay. I just feel as if there are a few other things we want to try, but then once we've tried those things I think we'll have another family meeting to discuss what to do next.


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