Friday, July 28, 2006

Nothing.....but a decision!

As far as the fertility specialist can tell, I don't have blocked tubes or anything that showed up on the x-ray. The doctor thinks that I'm ovulating just fine because of the urine tests we take at home; if I weren't ovulating the tests wouldn't work. So, we've decided not to proceed with the artificial insemination. We will just continue to use our ovulation "computer" and urine tests and try to conceive. At the same time, since we haven't been using any birth control for 3 years now, we are going to proceed with adoption.

My husband is beginning to do some research. Some of our friends from church (I don't have a link up yet..but I will soon) are traveling to Ethiopia Sunday to help with an orphanage there. They have already adopted a child from there, so I jokingly asked her to bring us back a baby. Hubby did mention he does feel led to adopt from China or a local, domestic adoption, so I'm not sure where God is leading. I don't know if foster care is a way to adopt that we want to pursue, there are a lot of pros and cons out there. I think we're going to look into meeting with someone who can guide us on how to do home studies and what the costs are for domestic adoption.


At 8:57 AM, Blogger QueenBee said...

You'll know what is right for you. I can't explain it, you'll just "know". LIke you just "knew" your husband was meant for you, etc.... God knows where your children are and He will lead you to them. How are you dealing with all of this? Are you ready to leave infertility behind and proceed with adoption?

At 10:36 AM, Blogger DramaQueen said...

I guess I am...but I'm not sure. I am pretty young (29) so I guess I'm not feeling this urgent need to go through a lot of medical processes to get pregnant. I don't really get upset thinking about missing child birth, I just wish we had kids around. Does that make sense? So I'm not really missing a baby, but I wish we had children, so I guess the need for me to get pregnant and birth a child isn't as strong. I just want the end result, a child.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Dones said...

To elaborate on my own feelings, I would like to continue trying to have our own biological child, while at the same time researching & then pursuing domestic adoption, then probably overseas adoption from China or South America.

One of my biggest convictions as a Christian has been the prevalence of abortions in this country. I would be remiss if, while considering adoption, we did not do our best to give a chance for an 'unwanted' child to be born and have a life. If the current means of doing so is overly burdensome (not that I could describe what would be 'overly burdensome' now) then we can pursue overseas adoption.

That's how I feel about it, anyway...

At 7:42 PM, Blogger QueenBee said...

I can relate. Thanks for answering my "completly crossing the lines of being too personal" question. For me, I found so much more hope in adoption. With fertility stuff, there was a feeling of maybe this month.....but with adoption, it's a sure thing. Eventually! If someone were to ask me today what I am most grateful for, I think my infertility would be at the top of my list. I never would have believed that I could feel this much and accept "as my own" this much.....and legally speaking, they aren't! :) God has displayed His grace to use over the last few years in many ways - two verses that I feel He handed to us and that we clung to throuhout are Jeremiah 29:11 and 2 Corinthians 12:8-10. I wish you guys the best and I KNOW God has a plan.


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