Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I cancelled my appointment today with the naturopathic doctor...I am very stressed about money, and though I would like to use natural medicine, I think I would rather spend money on an actual fertility specialist. I want to find out if there is something seriously wrong first (ie, blocked fallopian tube, cysts, etc.) After that is ruled out, I would feel comfortable going back to the naturopathic doctor for natural hormone replacement rather than shots. I am just concerned there may be something serious.

A friend of a friend was going through infertility treatment and they found cancer, so I guess I just want to rule any of that out, even though blood work has been normal. I am praying for a promotion; we're going to need to make more money to continue to get out of debt and to keep saving for a baby, either through medical treatment or adoption.

I have been convicted as well about my lack of consistent quiet times lately. I have heard a lot of Christians talk about the importance of devotionals or quiet times. Most recently, Jim Ryun and his sons were guests on FamilyLifeToday and he acknowledged the importance of daily times with Lord. (listen to it here) What am I spending my time on? What am I worried about? Where I am I going with my life? I have to make sure those questions are in order, nothing else matters in the eternity of things.


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