Monday, October 30, 2006

Fields of Promise 5k

Registered my husband and I for a 5k Run (I will be walking) that benefits orphans in Ethiopia. After the run, the adoption group is meeting from church. It will be a day of learning about orphans!

I have been walking at 5am most mornings with a friend, last week it was only 1 day due to the rain. This coming week we should be purchasing a used treadmill.

I haven't weighed myself lately, I really don't want to see it! I am just praying that God would take away this desire to eat whenever I'm depressed or anxious.

My husband might be playing basketball tonight w/ the men's group. We have our budget to work on. Yesterday I did a bunch of laundry and paid bills. When did becoming an adult be so boring?

This is getting harder and harder to keep plugging away when month after month there is this roller coster of anticipation, a couple weeks of waiting, and then disappointment. We've tried all sorts of crazy "home methods" and "old wives tales," and we'll continue to do so. Nothing else to do while we're waiting to move into a bigger house, as we've decided we're not going to start filling out paperwork until we've moved. I have being so happy and hoping and then so disappointed. I just wish I could turn my emotions off or I wish I could be told that we're infertile, but there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix. It's just waiting, and when we get tired of waiting and nothing has happened, it's moving on to the next step.

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