Monday, January 29, 2007

Date w/ Realtor

Set a date with our realtor, Randy, for Wed. Feb 14, 2007. We're going to have him check out the house to see what needs to be done to get it ready to sell.

I was thinking about everything we've done to improve our duplex:
*over the hood microwave *new windows *exterior paint *sump pump *fireplace doors *some interior paint *landscaping *new kitchen faucet and repaired bathroom faucets

What is left? Floors are a wreck, roof will need replacement sometime soon, deck in back isn't so great, interior painting and wallpaper removal.

My in-laws suggested before we get into repainting and heavy remodeling to have the Realtor come over and check everything out first to see what needs to be done. Last time he came over he said we should make the front look nice, which we've done with the new windows and paint.

My husband and I were working the budget and have been talking about moving, it's stressful to think about. I am praying that God would open doors and shut doors. Sometimes, I don't know how to pray about life changes. I just barge ahead with what I think is right, and I pray for God to stop me or make it very clear if I'm taking the wrong direction. It's so hard sometimes with those gray areas that aren't laid out in Scripture. I know I'm not supposed to commit adultery, murder in my heart, or covet. However, I am not so sure on do we move now to be closer to work to save money on gas and time, or do we wait a little bit until more of our debt is paid off? Or, do we move sooner rather than later so we can put the saved gas money and travel into our debt?

I need to remind myself God is in charge



At 7:09 PM, Blogger Happy said...

I meandered here from someone elses blog (can't remember who exactly). It's so hard to decide when to move. We really debated because we didn't live in a good school district so the before or after adoption discussion happened (frequently). We initially started the domestic adoption process Nov. 2006, we backed out of a match (to much to decribe here), were heartbroken, and decided to move while we were in the waiting period of adoption. However, once we got started we realized there was no way we could afford to move and pay the adoption agency fees. We had to put the adoption on hold while we moved, we have restarted, and now we LOVE our new house and fantastic school district. What is the point to my long winded comment here. Make sure you take all fees into consideration w/moving and adoption. I didn't, and a part of me regretted it for a while as my best friend got pregnant w/her second child and I was treading water, BUT I really didn't like where we lived and now I love where we are so I guess overall it was worth it.

At 2:09 PM, Blogger GLouise said...

Wow- I think we may be living in a parallel universe here :-)

My husband and I are pursuing a domestic adoption this year, and we are also wanting to move to a bigger home!

All that equals a LOT of stress.


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