Thursday, May 12, 2005

Overeaters anonymous & the 160 lb tumor

Okay, so today's two topics don't really go together...but they do!

* I have joined an overeaters anonymous email group. It has been encouraging to hear other people's stories as they struggle with food issues. I thought I was alone! It's good to know that other people are struggling with the same thing and they want to change as well.

*Yesterday on Discovery Health my husband and I were watching a show about a Romanian woman who had a 160 pound tumor removed. The doctors kept talking about how the extra weight was sucking all
the nutrients from her body and her heart was failing cause it was needing to pump so much blood to
feed the extra tumor. I have a lot of extra baggage on me because of my own doing! It really opened
my eyes to what happens to you when you carry a lot of extra weight around on your body.

Welcome to all the folks reading my blog! I hope it will be an encouragment of God's faithfulness.


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