Friday, March 24, 2006

the badness of Dean Koontz

I will offend any and all Dean Koontz fans.
I am reading "Cold fire" and it's hilarious!
"Light had an affinity for them: it slipped in scintillant currents through their flaxen hair, accented the color of their eyes much the way a jeweler's display lamp enhanced the beauty of emeralds on velvet, and lent an almost mystical luminosity to their skin."
"like the face of a terminal cancer patient from whom disease had sucked the juice of life."
"would no doubt prove to be a mask, and under the mask would be a leering serial killer with a chainsaw fetish."
It's so bad, I can't stop! More tidbits next time.

Praising God for provision

As my husband and I have been going through the Crown Financial Ministries Course, we have memorized this scripture, 1 Chronicles 29:12 Riches and honor come from you alone, for you rule over everything. Power and might are in your hand, and it is at your discretion that people are made great and given strength. The Lord is in control over all things, and it's at His discretion that events are sent in motion.

Even when we are going through difficult times, I must remember to praise God. Right now I am very thankful because yesterday I received a yearly raise of almost $3000. My husband has received a raise at his job; an independent business owner of our church really wants to keep Donald on, so he's been trying desperately to get enough income to keep him as a salaried employee. Up until today, he's just been working as an "independent contractor." Today, he was offered a salary position. Between this raise and my raise, we think that we can make it without my husband having to keep looking for work. This current job is really in line with what he wants to do, and I think he really, really likes it. We also received a surprise financial gift from someone today.

We have accountability partners in our financial lives, so please pray for us as we make financial decisions. I feel that we, as Christians, must care for the homeless, sick, poor, elderly-- so please pray we would live out the commandments of Christ in our areas of giving as well. Jesus is the bread of life, that is free, so I pray we wouldn't focus on the temporary, as God knows we need food and clothing and shelter, but I pray we would continue to praise God through the difficult times and then good.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I guess I've been here's what I'm doing about it

I have been sad since my 29th birthday.

I made an announcement in Bible study last week: I had finally begun to tell a few select people in my church and circle of friends that we've been struggling with infertility. I told the Bible study "No one asks us to babysit husband and I are getting a complex that we aren't good with children." A woman, C., took me up on the offer, and I am babysitting her kids this week. I decided rather than feeling sorry for myself about the infertility deal, that I would minister to those people who are already parents, those folks who would appreciate some help.

It just makes me so happy, happy isn't even the word, when folks are grateful when I watch their children. I know I am not the most perfect babysitter, but it does help to know that I can help someone else out. Since I don't have kids right now, I can go to someone's house and give them some time to themselves.

I have lost 9 pounds in 30 days, so I am punching up the exercise. I'm now 271. If you are a reader of this blog, please hold me up with prayer and asking me how the exercise routine is shaping up.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

turning 29

On March 2nd I turned 29. I always wanted to be pregnant by my 29th birthday, and now that date has come and gone.

Just a weird time. Been upset and weepy for no good reason.

Our church's women's retreat was really great, though. The speaker was Muriel Cook and she spoke on her China missionary friend Gladys Aylward. It was an encouraging time, very fun to hang out and laugh with women of the church, but it is a let-down when returning to real life.

I am going to bed soon. Been a rough week emotionally.